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Extend and protect telecoms infrastructure by gaining network visibility using the Telesoft Mobile Signalling Probe

The TDAC Platform shifts the cyber power dynamic in to the hands of network operators and security teams by bringing IP security solutions in to the mobile domain. Utilising comprehensive monitoring capabilities, data across mobile networks can be monitored, retaining valuable information to support threat hunting and digital forensic teams to conduct investigations over many months.

Our Solutions for Telco


Mobile Network Threat Hunting

Utilise comprehensive threat hunting tools to investigate real-time and historic mobile network data to help uncover and prevent malicious activity within your signaling environment.

Telecommunications (Security) Bill

The TSB is intended to reinforce the security of UK telecommunications infrastructure, but what are the implications for industry?


Why Telesoft?

Comprehensive Coverage

The TDAC: Mobile Probe extracts data from key protocols across the 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks, ensuring a deep coverage offering by a single product.

Unsampled Visibility

In sampled data, anomalous activity can be missed. The TDAC: Mobile Probe monitors every record across the mobile environment to ensure nothing is missed.

Coverage Extension

The TDAC: Mobile Probe is an extension of our existing platform for IP networks. Utilised together, operators can ensure complete coverage of both their IP and mobile domains.