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The Capability You Want, When You Want

Telesoft's Platform delivers high-performance, adaptable capabilities purpose-built for the current and future demands of financial services. Capable of supporting up to 32 x 100Gbps or 8 x 400Gbps of raw network traffic per 2U appliance, Telesoft's platform can be configured to your specific needs, enabling traders, brokers, and financial institutions to condense infrastructure, save OPEX, and maximise efficiency.


Hardware Capabilities

Altera Agilex FPGA Accelerator

Delivering deterministic performance by accelerating multi-market data processing


Precision Time Protocol (PTP)

Ensuring accurate time synchronisation to nanosecond resolution


AI + ML Data Processing

Increasing processing efficiency by integrating established AI & ML models to spare FPGA resource


ARM Cortex-A53 Real-Time Processor

Ensuring unparalleled execution on trade orders, risk management, and compliance checks

ARM Cortex

Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) Chip

Utilising QRNG to enhance network security and encryption key generation


Inter-Card Connectivity

PCIe gen5 x16 & CXL. All Ethernet standards up to 400GbE


Complete Network Observability

In this 2U appliance, users can program each of the four cards with the capability they require, when they need it. From network monitoring to trade cycle optimisation, from cyber security to multi-market analytics, users can fine tune the device to their requirements.  

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