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The benefits of UK-based cyber and communications technology manufacturing

The need for responsive, high quality telecom equipment suppliers has never been greater in the UK. Telesoft is committed to strengthening supply chains while supporting and responding to the changing global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and threat landscape.

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5th July, 2021


The need for responsive, high quality telecom equipment suppliers has never been greater in the UK.  Telesoft is committed to strengthening supply chains while supporting and responding to the changing global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and threat landscape.

This is why Telesoft has been developing its own UK manufacturing facility. Cyber manufacturing in the UK solidifies us as a pre-eminent technology supplier of cyber and communications technology. But what does it mean for our customers? 


Supply chains have come under threat from bad actors and competing nation states alike in recent years, which means organisations and agencies are focusing on securing their supply chains and governments are introducing new legislation and focusing investment to protect sovereign interests. 

Our UK-based manufacturing facility gives customers greater control over their supply chain, dramatically reducing reliance on third-party suppliers. Long supply chains create more opportunities for malicious actors to find weaknesses: shorter supply chains by contrast are much more secure. This is one of the advantages of domestic production.

Building out Telesoft’s UK industrial production enables us to provide a secure end-to-end supply chain for our customers. From design to manufacture and deployment to world-class operational support – cutting edge cyber and 5G technology can now be delivered through a trusted and secure UK supply process.


By bringing cyber-secure manufacturing in-house, Telesoft significantly reduces the time it takes to bring solutions from design to deployment for customers. In-house manufacturing allows us to have rapid prototyping for innovation and development, meaning we can provide new products, variants, and modifications at a much quicker turn around.


Our UK manufacturing facility gives us complete freedom to produce bespoke products for our clients. We work closely with our customers to ensure our products meet their exact criteria and fit their needs, rather than supplying off-the-shelf products built by third parties. This means Telesoft will have full control over:

  • Quality control
  • Project economics
  • Component procurement
  • Design and assembly.


At our new facility we can incorporate and deliver the best-in-class technology from our key partners such as Intel. Our customers benefit from a secure supplier who can understand and deliver technical solutions and services using the latest technology. Our fast prototyping enables Telesoft’s Research and Design division to produce continually improved designs and make use of the latest cutting edge technologies to innovate and push the industry forwards. This means:

  • Improved customer return on investment
  • Longer life-spans for projects
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Quality control – ensuring everything is built to the highest standards 
  • Longer-term collaborative relationships with customers
  • Improved project economics
  • Self-sufficient in building hardware products.


A UK-based telecommunications equipment manufacturing facility allows the UK to compete with global competitors in the industry. It also bolsters the UK’s telecoms security industry and the technology sector as a whole on a global scale. Having a UK-based manufacturing facility is also beneficial for the UK manufacturing sector more generally, creating more jobs, bringing together the best and brightest minds, and training and advancing their skills to benefit the economy. 

The technology industry is advancing to meet the needs of a digital-first society, the Internet of Things, and the fourth industrial revolution. 5G will be at the forefront of this push. Protecting these areas against increasing threats of espionage, sabotage and theft to their people, processes and technology is paramount to bring the best possible economic benefits. 


New government policies show that advancing the UK’s technology infrastructure is going to be key over the next 10 years. The Integrated Review (IR) 2021 “Global Britain in a Competitive Age” lays out the government’s vision for UK Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy over the next decade. The primary objective is to gain a strategic advantage through science and technology – essential in building the UK’s economic, political and security power in the current Information Age.

Following on from the Integrated Review, new telecommunications policy aims to remove foreign suppliers in providing 5G telecommunications infrastructure and increase the cyber capacity and resilience of telecoms operators in the UK. Customers who choose Telesoft can be reassured that they are choosing a telecommunications equipment manufacturer which complies with the latest government guidance. 


Telecommunications and cybersecurity threats are ever-present national security concerns. The IR objectives describe the need to strengthen security and defence at home and overseas, with the UK taking a leading role with allies against growing state and criminal threats in the digital world and development of ICT. Having manufacturing facilities here in the UK means we will be better equipped to face these threats. 

Our UK manufacturing facility puts Telesoft in a strong position as a telecommunication security provider. By shortening the supply chain and having full hands-on control of the design and assembly phase we are bolstering our offering to customers and creating an even more secure network to prevent cyber crime. UK manufacturing benefits the UK economy in numerous ways and strengthens the UK’s reputation as a nation with first-class technology services.



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